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How about this guy?  Can  you believe leaving this cherub to go to Russia, and Paris?  Difficult to think of, but we are.  In exactly 1 week Gaga and I will be on a plane heading to Russia, via Amsterdam.   We have been reading up on it all, and, thanks to a local friend, I think we are ready for the big times. 


Last week we were suppose to “trial pack.”  Well, we didn’t get around to it, so tomorrow, less than a week from our trip, we will try to do a trial pack.  I am really writing this to test out my blog.   I still don’ know how to wrap the text.  Maybe it does it automatically.  If I could get to the html, I could do it. 


Anyway, see  you tomorrow…..a day closer.  M

2 thoughts on “New Post

  1. Pop,

    Thanks for writing the blob so we can keep updated. The text is working fine but the pictures are not. I can’t see them no matter if I use IE or FireFox.

    Can you?

    Glad you are having a great time!


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