Day 1

We arrived in St Petersburg sans luggage on Friday May 3rd after an exceeding long and grueling trip via KLM. 9 plus hours to
Amsterdam 3 hr layover and 2 hrs to St Petersburg. There they told us that some people’s luggage did not get loaded, so we should go to Baggage Claim and fill out “a form” It turned out that probably 50-100 people had lost luggage, and we all had to stand in line to fill out the form. There was chaos in the line, people shoving, sneaking in front, and having incompleted forms, when the got to the front, so they would stay at the counter, refill out what turned out to be 5 forms, four of which were the same form in 4 copies. The lady giving instructions spoke in Russian, so it really was difficult. Some of the passangers were Russian, who spoke from poor to very good English.

I stood in line for about 3 hours. We arrived at 5 something, and we left the airport around 9 pm.

It is now Saturday night, and we still don’t have our luggage. Hope springs eternal, but the Tour guide told us if we got to Moscow without our luggage, 13 days from now, we had to contact the Airlines and tell them where to bring the luggage. What a fearful thought. So for the past 2 days whe have had no change of clothes. I bought a couple of toothbrushes some paste and deoderent to night on the way to dinner.

Tomorrow I will tell you about our day today. Lots of issues: no electric converters for our electronics, no usb cords or sd card readers etc…so no pictures to show we are really having a good time, despite of it. Ask me in a day or two, or ask the people around us, and the story may be different.


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