Day-1 Continued – St Petersburg RU

Today was the first day we joined the Viking Cruise people. It was our attention to go to the New Marinski Theatre tonight with our new friend Natasha. However the logistics of meeting her was a nightmare. Certainly not her fault. The bus to pick us up from the hotel and take us to the ship was messed up. The bus came late (4 PM) drove us about 45 minutes away to the ship and then we had to check in.

We then had to be back at the Marinski theatre an hour later. No time to change, rest and get oriented with the ship. Long story short, we had to reluctantly cancel. We took a 2 hr nap instead, and got up to our first dinner on the ship (read BOAT).

Didn’t take many pictures today, maybe 10. I still have to start posting them.

Tomorrow we are off to do a city tour. A lot of which we already saw. I have pictures to prove it, if I could just incorporate them into the post. Maybe tomorrow. POP

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