Day 2 – continued

Our first full day on cruise.  Still docked in St Petersburg.  We will be here

tomorrow as well,  Toay we went on a bus/walking tour of SP today.  I took 105 pictures today.  They are mostly about palaces.  I think I will get the pictures onto Picassa so I can show them all.  I think if I put them in the blog, I will have to create a thumbnail.  And with 100+ pictures a day, it might be too much. 


We started our day leaving the boat around 8:30 am, and we got back a little after 7 PM, so once again we are bushed.  We ran to dinner, so we could have the same table (ala Mt. Hermon)  save this place for Hugh and toni, save that place for Brian and Linda. 

I think I will attack the pictures for a while, so Cheers for now.  POP

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