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I sort of got photos to work. This should give you a link in this blog to 12 of Day-1 photos. It took hours to “upload” the 12 photos, so I still have to find a way to create smaller pictures. I took 102 pictures the first day, and about 150 the 2nd day, and 0 the third day because I forgot to change the battery. But have patience. I will get there, and you will be able to see all 10,00 pictures before we get back.

BTW, let me know if you can see these pictures. These 12 are pretty much random, so don’t look for meaning.

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  1. OK. I can see the pictures. It’s good to know that you can pretty much get pizza in any country 🙂 Love the water shot, I remember some days like that when I spent all the time on ships.

  2. This is my first look at the pics and the blog! I didn’t realize you were posting. The pics are amazing. They’re super clear. Loved the sunset shot! So glad you’re on the boat (and that you’ve got your luggage). Sounds like it’s difficult to get around over there. What an adventure. Now, I know you’re posting, I’ll visit frequently. Love you!

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