Day 3 5-7-2013- Russia

Good news, bad news. The good news was that we did finely get our two suitcases. It took several anxious days, but they did get to us around midnight on Saturday night. One around 10, and the other around 11:30 PM. I was so happy to receive the, I didn’t mind getting up twice to answer the door.

We spent the last two days walking, writing, boating around St Petersburg and have seen most of the really important things. Fort, church, church, church, palace, palace, and finely today, to the Hermitage, and the Storage facility this afternoon.

Frankly we are a bit worn out. Tomorrow we go to the Peterhof in the morning. Apparently the fountains were turned on a couple of days ago, so that should be very interesting.

But the traffic, and the general disrepair of the town outside of the historic circle is depressing. Having read in one of Karen Fox’s book about how Russians don’t generally smile (at least as much as Americans do) I have a greater feeling for them. It is easy to think they are just mad at Americans, but I guess smiling just isn’t in their tradition. Nothing personal towards us.

Still working on the pictures. The rest of the group went to the ballet tonight, but Mom and I opted out. One to work on the blog along with trying to solve the picture problem, but the other, and probably the main reason was we are pooped. To top it off, when we got to the Hermitage, my battery was dead. I have at least 3 batteries with me, but didn’t take any along. Apparently the camera will not charge the battery if it is hooked to my laptop and the laptop is turned off. Now I know. So the upshot of it there will be no pictures from today, 5/7. I did buy a video which I will force everyone to watch at least once.

The other thing I found out is that I need to create thumbnails of the pictures I wasn’t to include, even if I just use a link to Picassa.

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