Wednesday May 8 2013

This morning we went to the Peterhoff. Look up that on Google. It was about an hour from St Petersburg by bus in pretty heavy traffic. It was Peter the Great’s summer palace. It is famous for its waterworks of many fountains. We were lucky that they just turned on the fountains a few days ago. Off for the winter. Now they turn them on at 11 am with great fanfare. Music, then slowly at the beginning, then all over the place. There must be 30 or so fountains. All created (at least under the orderof) Peter the Great, to commerate the victory over Finland in 1700’s The amazing thing about these fountains is that there are no pumps as in Versailles (sp?) and other famous fountains of the world.

We toured his (Peter the Great’s) summer palace, and again saw many rooms with gilded carvings, beautiful inlayed parquet floors that defy description.

While I had my camera, there was no photography allowed in the palace. But we did get a bunch of pictures of the fountains.

I still have not been able to create thumbnails on the RT. The app I got (free) but it doesn’t work. Period.

We sailed out of St Petersburg at 7 PM today, and just entered Lake Ladoga (the largest lake in Europe) from the Neva River. By morning, we will be in Mandrogy. We will leave Lake Ladoga and enter the Svir River.

One really funny thing did happen. You know that when I take my Lacics (water pill, and probably not spelled correctly) I get lag cramps. When I am at home, I plug in my heating pad and in a few minutes everything is fine. So when I got the lag cramps this morning about 4 am, I got up and plugged in my heating pad. Unfortunately, I put on an adapter at the end of the plug, and ran 220 into the heating pad. It blew the fuse that controlled about half the rooms on our deck. Bathroom dark, hall dark etc. Completely ruined my heating pad. Fortunately the fuse worked fine, and the pad didn’t catch on fire.

I went back to bed around 4:30 and woke up again around 7. The lights were still out, and we got dressed in semi-darkness. Then the lights went back on. Later I found out that it wasn’t just our room, but many many rooms. Brian, Hugh’s brother who is traveling with us, cut his face pretty bad shaving. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, it was my stupidity.

Anyway, off to bed. Hope you guys are getting this. I will put 4 or 5 pictures per day (out of about 50 or so) on Picasa, so check back with that as well.


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