Day 5 05-09-2013 Russia

During the night, last night we sailed through the tip of Lake Ladoga into the Svir river, and arrived this morning around 1:30, well, I guess it was in the afternoon, at a town (loosely called a town, but rather a village of Mandrogy. Before the 2nd world war, this village did exist. But it was bombed out of existence by the Germans. Not sure why, because it really is in the middle of no where. Anyway, I the mid 80’s (or was it in the early 90’s) someone got the bright idea to recreate the village as a tourist destination, with typical buildings crafts shops etc.

We stopped her for about two hours, took a “class” in nested dolls painting, which you may see when we get home. A lot of work, and not nearly enough time,

Then we sailed for Kizhi, where we were scheduled to go. Unfortunately, the ice on Lake Onega is too much, and we can not make it to Kizhi. Too bad because Kizhi is the place where the oldest orthodox church exists. It is completely made of wood, and without any nails. Look it up on the internet.

Not exactly sure what they are going to do now, but I think go up the lake as far as they can then turn around and head for Moscow.

I had a very near miss tonight at dinner with pine nuts Everyone knows about my condition, but someone got careless and put them in a salad without putting the ingredients on the menu. Fortunately it was Aunt Toni who ordered the salad. It also had watermelon, so I stood clear of it by design. I had a hissy-fit with the waiter (he still thinks it is a joke), the head of the dinning room, who was very apologetic, and I understand he and the cook had a big shouting match, pointing fingers at each other.

I wasn’t in any danger, but I could have been, and out here in the absolute nowhere. It just points I am the one that needs to be vigilant. Not Mom, Toni, the waiters or the cook. Mom would have caught it, and Toni did catch it.

On the Picasa link, I loaded a couple of pictures. One is the sunset at around 11 PM last night


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