Saturday May 11, 2013 Russia

We spent most of the day in both the Lake Onega and the Volga-Baltic Waterway. I think we are currently in the White Lake. That is one of the really disappointing things about this Viking cruise (maybe all of them). Having a ‘sailor’s mentality, I like to know where I am. On the Princess cruise, they have a painted map on the wall in one of the passageways, that has little white lights strung along the painted route the ship was taking. We could then look at it anytime, and tell exactly where we were.

Even some of the English speaking tour guides don’t seem to know where we are unless we are in a town or village We have passed 3 or 4 small villages, 2 or three big town and one really big town. No idea what they were. I have a printed map they gave us on day 4, that shows the route, but doesn’t show enough detail to tell where we are.

We passed a lock about 3 hours ago, and I have no idea where that was, although if I were to guess, it was moving from the White Lake to the Volga River.

Anyway, we are still having a great time on the cruise. We can always think of a better way to do things, but lets just enjoy what we have.

Pine nuts still appears to be a problem. I asked the head of the dining room if there might be any problems, but he was busy greeting people who were coming to dinner. He said he would check, and get back to me. That is something he should have done hours ago.

After we ordered, had a non ordered appetizer, and an ordered appetizer, and had ordered our dinner and dessert, he came back to me and told me not to eat the tomatoes with cucumbers. Fortunately they were cucumbers on it, and I don’t like cucumbers, so I had not ordered it. There was nothing on the menu that said anything about pine nuts.
I am very sure that they do not understand the issue of pine nuts. I am becoming a real nuisance to these people, but I must protect myself. I shouldn’t post all this negative stuff, but I sort of want to document it.

As I said, we are having a GREAT time.

Just one more thing. Katie suggested that I just check with the waiter about everything I order. The waiters are Philippino, very very nice, but English is certainly not their first language. The Food Manager is German, and English is much better, but still not his primary language. The Assistant Food manager is Russian, and well, you can figure that out. The chef is also German, and not sure he understands my issue either. I think tomorrow I will try to sit down withy the chef, and the Food manager and discuss their seeming ambivalence to my problem. I am sure other people who are cruising with Viking have similar problems.
I took a bunch of pictures today at the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery, and the local school in Kuzino. But you could probably look up the Monastery on Google and get a better description.


2 thoughts on “Saturday May 11, 2013 Russia

  1. Thanks for the updates Pop. I just looked through all your pictures what a show you have seen both with landscaping and the people! 🙂 Rest up and enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day to Gaga!!!!! xoxo

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