May 17 2013 – Paris

Thought I wrote this, but I guess not.  We left Moscow this morning around 9:30 am local time, and arrived in Paris at 11:30 local time.  Right now I am not sure what happened to the time.  I thought Moscow and Paris were three hours apart, but now I think they are the same. To say that I am confused is not giving credit to the idiots of the world.


Anyway, we arrived without incident.  Had the driver with our name on a placard and off we cam to the de La Tour Marborough hotel in the 7th andrisement  (American dictionary doesn’t have this word, but you know what I mean.).  We are about 6 blocks (albeit long blocks) away from the Eifel tower. 

We settled in to the hotel room.  You can see a picture of our room on their website,  It is the one that looks like a “French Whorehouse.”

We went to bed, and slept until evening,  Nothing really happened today, I have a few pictures on the web under Picassa website.  TTFN  BTW.  This is really Sunday night, and I am trying to catch up, so it sounds like Thursday…..

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