May 18 2013 Paris

Today was our first full day in Paris.  Grounded at a hotel we have stayed at two (or three) other times, we found ourselves quite at home in Paris.  There is definitely a contrast from Moscow and or St Petersburg,  In Moscow there were officious police everywhere, tons of paddy wagons, and dior looking people everywhere.

However, my impression of long lines for bread, babushkas begging in the streets, dark painted buildings, poverty everywhere certainly wasn’t the case.  Other than the everpresent police, it looked like an upscale Paris.  Fancy department stores (some pictures on my Picasa site) people dressed to the nines.

We saw almost no begging.  Not much grafetti.  Elegant cars, MBW’S Mercedes, and American named cars like Ford (probably made in Russia) Land Rovers etc.  And crazy drivers.  I told you about the kid who got hit by a car right in front of us,  He was drunk, and the car ended up more damaged than he was.

But on to this day, Saturday.  We walked to the Rue Clare area where there was a open air market going on (Saturdays and Wednesdays) and saw everything you can imagine for sale.  The open air part was individual tents, with sliver, china, furniture, clothing, antiques etc for sale.

We stopped at a produce market, took some pictures, (on the web now) and at a cheese shop, and at a bakery where we got bread, cheese, drinks and water for the night.

On Picasa, I have posted our tabletop dinner we had with the baguette (called traditional) the three kinds of cheeses, some cherries and some salami, along with a large bottle of sparkling water we had,  Great fun.

We also read a lot


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