May 19 2013 Paris

Slept in today, Sunday and left the hotel around 10 am.  We went to a new bakery the gal at the desk told us about that served good pastries, and coffee,  I have attempted to put a picture of it in the blog but I think it is too big to insert  The picture did come in, so there. The program that reduces that in size does not work.  It has died about 6 times so I have given up.


Maybe I was too quick.    Image

Anyway, from there we walked to the Eifel tower.  There were literally hundreds of people there in line to go up.  We gave up.  We walked back via the Seine River, and got back about 4 hours later. 

Then we did our usual, take a nap.  Mom had coffee earlier, and couldn’t sleep, but I did just fine.  Her leg is really bothering her, so pray for her leg.  Not sure what the problem is, but it still hurts and has slowed us down considerably, 

We left the apartment again around 8 and went next door to dinner,  Had a wonderful dinner of French Onion Soup (I know, too cool) and a dinner of chicken and fries.  Capachino to top it off.  Back in the room now,  It is about 11 PM.  It rained a lot while I was sleeping, but only drizzling now. 

I am sort of caught up now.  I need to go back to the three days in Moscow, and flesh that out, but otherwise we are current. 




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