May 20, 2013 Paris

Monday in Paris. We had planned to go to Normandy tomorrow, but the tour group cancelled until Wednesday. No problem for us. We had gone our earlier today and had planned to go to rue clare to the bakery to get some cookies for the trip tomorrow. But everything was closed. Not sure if it was just a Monday, or because if was a National holiday, which it was. But not only was it raining windy and cold, everything, well most things were closed, including “our” bakery. The name of the bakery is Artisan Boulangere Patissier on rue clare. So we were sort of out of luck for the cookies for tomorrow.

Anyway the tour company change the tour to Wednesday, so we will have time tomorrow to get the cookies for the trip.

Today, because it was raining, although not that much, we had planned to do our laundry. The laundrymat is about 3 blocks from our hotel, so that seemed reasonable. However, after looking at the weather, we opted to stay in the room, read, sleep and wash a few unmentionables. Hanging them around this gaudy room completed the impression of the…. well, never mind.

For lunch we did buy some crackers and most of the rest of the cheese we bought the other day. We also bought some Orangana drinks. We have one little table in the hotel room. I call it our dining room table because we also have one table in our house at home, a dining room table, albeit 2 to 3 times bigger that this little thing, which as a phone, lamp with a 10 watt bulb and a 23″ tv on it. Not much room to eat, but that is what we have.

While we were having coffee this morning at the brassier next door this morning, I was trying to figure out if I could tell we were in Paris (or at least not in America) by looking outside the window. Mom and I came up with a number of things. First of all it was raining, so you couldn’t see the clothes people were wearing, so that was out, but would have been a big indicator.

We came up with: tons of people smoking; strange shoes; little cars, mostly French spoken, lack of good coffee (no take away other than Starbucks) very expensive food – we ended up spending 90 euro last night for dinner; beautiful produce presented; rental bikes; parked cars jammed bumper to bumper; no ice for drinks.

These are not necessarily negative. Just different. People seem to be nice, and helpful. Most are very patient when explaining in partial English. Everyone’s English is better than my French.


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