May 21 2013 Paris

Today was the day we were suppose to go to Normandy. It got moved until tomorrow, so instead, we went over to where Mathew, Melette and Luc and Sophie will be on June 9th for a couple of weeks.

Looking at the map, and the weather we decided to take the bus. It was a very simple trip. Just one bus: #63 took us from about a few blocks from our place to about 6 blocks from Matt’s place.

The instructions about where Matt lived were clear but we never actually found the exact place. Did find the park across the street, and actually walked by is place unbeknownst to us.

We did find his office, and talked to a few of the people there . On the Picasa site there are 4 pictures of the area…none of his house but near, We did stop at the bakery he talks about (imagine that…couldn’t find his place, but did find th4e bakery. )

Had a coup of coffee and some wonderful eclares. (sp).

Came back by the same #63 bus, and went to rue clare and hit the cheese house and bakery there for dinner. Came back to the hotel, had a great nap, and ate dinner around our dining table around 8:30…very French.

It is about 10 ish now and I am ready for bed. Up tomorrow at 6 to get to Normandy, I will tell you all about that tomorrow night though I don’t think it will be uplifting.



3 thoughts on “May 21 2013 Paris

  1. Glad you found the bakery! That’s the most important thing. Can’t wait. We’re only 17 days away now. Bon appetite!

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