May 28 2013 Last blong In Paris

Well, after 3 or 4 days of nothing, here is our final blog before we head home to SUNNY CALIFORNIA.
During the last few days we have had rain. In fact, it has rained every day except one or two days, when it was cloudy. I did, didn’t I tell you about our trip to Normandy? Not a happy place, seeing all those graves. Looking over the cliffs from above it is absolutely amazing that anything was successful.

On this day after Memorial day, it is worthwhile to think about all the young men, on both sides that died on June 6th nearly 70 years ago. Take a look at the pictures of Normandy on the Picasa website. Very moving. I was encouraged when we went to the museum and saw group after group of young French kids going over the panoramas of the battles, being reminded of the shared sacrifice of both French and American and British, and Canadian and Australian young men.

But on to happier things. While the weather has been a downer, we have stilled walking and walking and walking around Paris.

We walked from our hotel to the Eifel tower, to Arch de Triumph, to the Opera House from the Louvre, to everywhere. I would im0press you with the mileage, but I left my pedometer home. Suffice it to say I am impressed.

We did find a bus or two. We had heard that we should stay out of the metro because of wandering gangs of team-pick pockets. Not Mom’s favorite anyway.

We still did encounter several “pick=pocket” types, with there typical scams. We had read about all of them in Rick Steves Paris, book, but it comes a shock to have just be accosted, and not know it.

The first one we encountered is the “found ring” ploy. Mom and I were standing on one of the ponts (bridges) looking at the snarling Seine. This young girl (maybe 20 or so) says “Misuser, there is a ring, I just found.” as she points to a beautiful gold ring just sitting on the bridge floor. She picks it up, and tries it on her gloved finger (I am suddenly reminded of “If it don’t fit, you have to acquit.”) Anyway, then she says “Too big for me. Perhaps you would like it.” I see this shinny ring, think some jerk lost a valuable ring and I am the better for it. I thank her, she moves in hugs me, and off she goes, like I just gave her something.

Well, naturally nothing actually happened. I knew of the ring ploy, and told her, harshly, NO!, and walked off. She was there to pick my pocket, and leave me with a 1/2 euro brass ring.

The next scam was two young girls (again late teens, early 20ies) ………………

Sorry it is late here, and we are leaving in the morning. So I will finish this when I get home. Maybe. POP


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